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All decals and other products sold by on this website are custom made to order, based on the specifications given by the customer. This website has taken many steps to assist it's customers in choosing popular sizes for all products sold. Because all products are custom made to order for each individual customer, the accuracy of the specifications is crutial to customer satisfaction and success of this website.



Generally you should measure your vehicle before browsing the website for a specific product. Using a tape measure, yard stick or other device, define the area where the decal is to be installed (windshield, side window, rear window, wing, gas tank-motorcycle, etc.) Measure with height (up and down) and width (left to right). These numbers should be in inches.

Be sure to make the decal smaller than the application surface. This will make the installation easier, and the decal will fit the area properly. For example: Most windshield decals are 4in tall by 40in wide. The actual windshield area is normally about 46in to 52 in wide, but the decal should be smaller than the application area.

A NOTE ABOUT COLOR: At the same time, look at the application area and visualize the decal, and choose a color or colors for the decal. Generally a light colored decal will look best on a window or dark painted surface, while darker colors will look best on lighter surfaces.



Each product sold on this website has size and color options listed. The sizes shown represent the most popular sizes purchased over the past 3 years online.

Once you have selected a product you want to purchase, and you have measured the application area as shown above, select a size that is closest to your measurement from the choices listed for each product.

CUSTOM DECALS: In addition to our standard products, we can create a custom decal for you using your specifications. CLICK HERE FOR CUSTOM DECALS

A NOTE ABOUT COLOR: Then from the choices listed, pick a color or colors for your new decal. Most products listed have multiple color choices and other product specific options available.


Once you've made you selections, click the "ADD To CART" button, and you will be brought to the VIEW CART page. To complete your order, select the "GO TO SECURE CHECKOUT" button. You will be asked to login to your account or create a new account. This information will be retained by the system for future purchases. Complete the remaining information for shipping address, and billing information. It's that easy!


SGS Inc Info Line at (732) 625-0101
Superior Graphics & Signs, Inc.
PO Box 295
Adelphia NJ 07710-0295



All shipments include:
A Free Squeegee Installation Tool, A Free decal, A Free Souvenir Magnet and Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $100.00 is your trusted site for auto flame decals, auto stickers, car body decals, car decals and stickers, car window decals, custom boat lettering, graphic decals, car stickers, racing stripes, custom car decals, custom magentic signs, decals for car and truck, flame decals for car, graphic car decals, motorcycle decals, motorcycle flame decals, racing car numbers, tribal flame decals, vinyl car decals, window decals, accents, and over 4,500 custom made vinyl graphic products, We create thousands of Specialty Decals including 4x4 and Offroad, Accent Graphics, Hood, Body, Trunk, Tailgate, Airplanes, American Decals, Boat Lettering, Cartoon Graphics, Checkered Flags, Chinese Lettering, Country Flags, Flame Graphics, Funny Stuff, License Plates, License Plate Frames, Kanji Lettering, Oval Decals, Performance Logos, Performance Lettering, Sport Graphics, Sports Cartoons, Tribal Accents, Wheel Center Cap Decals, Windshield Stickers, Windshield Phrases, Custom Signage, Custom Decals, Banners, Boat Lettering, Car Club Decals, For Sale, Greek Lettering, Magnetic Signs, Side Window, Storefronts, Truck Lettering, Website Decals, Color Printed, Color Fade Accents, Colored Flames, See Thru Murals, Racing Stuff, AutoCross Numbers, Circle Track, Competition, Drag Racing, Magnetic Ovals, Magnetic Numbers, Motorsport, NASA, Number Plates, Racing Stripes, Racing Lettering, Racecar Lettering, RoadRace Numbers, SCCA, Touring Plates, Supplies, Blank Visor Strip, See Thru Vinyl, Vinyl Material, Magnetic Sheets, Squeegees, Visor Strip


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