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Can I install the decals myself?
Will the decals last a long time?
Why does my credit card billing address have to match the shipping address?
Why did I get an email stating that my address was not valid?
Can I install decals on a freshly painted vehicle?
• Where can the graphics and decals be installed?
These vinyl graphic products can be installed on any smooth, wax free surface. This includes glass, plexiglas, painted surfaces, fiberglas, some plastics, etc.
• Can I install the decals myself?
Yes, most of our products, with the exception of racing stripes are easy enough for a novice to install! Simply follow the included instruction sheet and use the complimentary squeegee application tool!
• Will They harm the painted surfaces of my car?
The vinyl will not harm any of these surfaces. This is the same material that is used for truck lettering, & commercial signage.
• Are the decals legal on my vehicle?
Different states and countries have vastly different laws and regulations regarding decal placement. Most decals and stripes are legal as long as they do not block the driver's view of the road. Check with your local laws beofre making a purchase!
• Do you have a hardcopy catalog?
Because our product line is constantly changing, we do not offer a hardcopy retail catalog. Instead, we encourage our customers to continue checking our the website for updates and new products.
• Will the decals effect the rear window defroster?
Since all the vinyl graphic products are designed for outdoor installation, window tint will not be effected by the decals.
• Will the decals effect tint on the window?
Since all the vinyl graphic products are designed for outdoor installation, window tint will not be effected by the decals.
• What are the decals and graphics made of?
All our vinyl graphic products are made from high quality self adhesive vinyl material (the same type used for OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers) These materials are first quality and have excellent workability and removal properties.
• Will the decals last a long time?
Yes, your decals should last a long time. The average life expectancy for our high quality self adhesive decals is between 5 to 7 years, and 7-9 years for racing stripes. In fact we have had customers who's decals have lasted longer than their cars!
• What are the differences in decal quality?
There are many different manufacturers of raw vinyl material used to make the decals. Obviously the cheaper materials yield less lower quality products. The cheapest vinyl material (Sparcal Promo Plus - not used by us, but used by one of our lower priced competitors) will fade, shrink and crack within one year of installation.
• Are there cheaper decals?

Yes, there are cheaper decals available from some of our competitors, which are made from lesser grade materials. With years of experience in this field we have determined what the best material are for this application.

As in most industries, there are other companies with less expensive products, but the difference is in the quality of the product and the customer service received. As with the analogy: If you need a car to drive to work, you could choose a Yugo, or a Mercedes Benz. They are both cars, right? Well the same holds true for decals. You can get the cheaper one, but will it last a long and look as good as the higher quality, slightly higher priced one? You decide. Our pricing structure has remained constant for the past 6 years.

• How long have you been making decals?
We have been in the sign industry for over 12 years, including a sign shop in New Jersey and a separate retail location at the local racetrack near our shop. Our internet site has been selling quality decal products for over 5 years. We have seen that good quality and customer service will bring you back!
• Why hasn't my email question been answered?

Possible reasons for no response from us is if the email address or other information is either incorrect or incomplete. BE CAREFUL AND ACCURATE!

Over 95% of all emails sent are answered within 2 business days, however, emails containing questions which are answered on this page will not be answered.

• Why hasn't my order arrived?
All oders are shipped within 24 hours of order confirmation (excluding weekends and holidays). Possible delays include invalid or declined credit card, waiting for money order to arrive, shipping delays caused by USPS Priority Mail, Customs Service (International Only) or other issues. Lost shipment claims can not be filed with the USPS until 30 days from time fo shipment. See More Info on Claims
• Do you make Custom Decals?
Yes, in fact, we specialize in custom decals! We can create or recreate an existing logo for you in our self adhesive vinyl material. It is durable for us on the inside or outside of the vehicle and is available in many sizes and over 20 colors!
• How can I have a Custom Decal made?
Simply fill out one of the Custom Decal forms located at the top of every page, choose an approximate size, color(s), typestyles, and we will email you an image prior to making it or charging you!
• Can I have special sizing or colors?
You can size teh decal anywhere from 1"x4" to 22"x85". You can mix-and-match colors and sizes for each decal to create a custom decal for your application!
• Do you charge artwork or setup charges?
NO!!, we have never charged any additional fees for creating a custom decal or logo.
• Do you accept images to design Custom Decals?
We accept most IBM compatible formats including BMP, PCX, JPG, TIFF, GIF, & EPS format. Files can be compressed using ZIP extensions.
• Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we offer volume discounts based on amount purchase (over $150.00) frequency of purchases. We strive to give car clubs, and other organizations the best price for their decals. Email or call us for volume pricing information.

BE CAREFUL! As with pricing for our standard products, there will always be a lower priced competitor using lesser grade materials, without the knowledge and customer service to make you a satisfied customer! All orders, including volume and custom orders ship within 24 hours!

• Do you offer wholesale accounts?
Yes, we are eager to find other companies who want to make more money reselling our products. Depending upon your volume of sales, the wholesale prices can range between 25% to 40% off the prices listed on the internet. We offer same day shipping, and credit card billing. Most of our dealers set up display boards at their shops and have examples of some of the popular decals to show potential customers.
• How can I become a wholesale dealer?

To become a wholesale account you need to fill certain requirements including business tax information, valid credit card for billing, an initial order of at least $500.00, and a yearly guarantee of $1000.00. Email or call us for additional information!

Becoming a wholesale deale ris less expensive and much less work than trying to purchase the machines, software, supplies, and scan the images to make the products yourself!

• What size decal should I get?
Measuring for custom decals is simple. Using a tape measure or yard stick, estimate the total width (left to right) and height (up and down) for your desired decal (total size, not size of individual letters). All of our decals are categorized by scale (square, rectangular, or windshield) Remember for windshield decals, most cars will fit a 4" x 40" decal.
• What color would look good on my car?
When choosing a color for a decal which is to be installed on a car window, keep in mind that if you are installing on a window, that surface is naturally dark, so dark colored decals are not as visible (black, dk blue, dk green). We suggest lighter colors such as silver, white yellow or gold colors which might accent the vehicle's other areas (wheels, interior, etc.)
• What payment types do you offer?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Money Orders and COD orders. COD orders have an additional cost of $5.00 per order and are sent through the United States Post Office. Sorry, we do not accept any personal checks. Business checks are accepted only from established wholesale accounts.
• Why don't you offer American Express or personal checks?

To keep our overhead costs lower, we have decide not to accept American Express Cards. The merchant rate (percentage rate charged merchants based on total amount of sale) is over 2% higher than standard Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. Until this is changed, we have no other choice.

As for personal checks, when we did take checks, we averaged receiving 1 bad check out of every 5 sent. With our bank charging $28.00 per check, and no feasible way of collecting, we decided against accepting personal checks.

• How long does it take to make and ship my order?
Most orders are manufactured and shipped with 24 hours of order confirmation (except weekends and hoidays). the only delays in shipping are caused by invalid or declined credit cards or out of stock materials. You will recieve email regarding any delays.
• How and when will my decals arrive?

All of our vinyl graphic products are shipped in sturdy oversized cardboard boxes or oversized Envelopes. All boxed orders are packed with styrofoam packing peanuts it insure safe delivery. The phrases or words which are cut in vinyl come on a prespaced strip. The decal products have an adhesive paper tape covering which protects the them prior & during installation.

All orders are sent via USPS Prioty mail unless otherwise specified. Average deilvery time is between 2-4 days nationwide, and 5 to 14 days internationally.

• How can I finalize my custom order?
Existing custom orders with Tracking Numbers can be finalized using the Online Secure Ordering System (Prior email contact required) TELEPHONE: All orders can be finalized by calling the orderline at 732-625-0101 Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm EST. FAX: You can fax your order to us at 732-431-3446 (Be sure to include voice line in case of questions).
• Why does my credit card billing address have to match the shipping address?
To protect us and our customers from credit card fraud, all orders are verifyied with the card issuing bank for proper address. The shipments can be made to that adddress only.
• Why did I get an email stating that my address was not valid?
When manually verifying your credit card billing address, if the address given during the order does not match, we can not make or ship your order until we receive the correct address.
• What do I need to know before ordering Racing Stripes?
All Racing Stripes created by our company are made from High Performance Vinyl with an outdoor life expectancy of 7-8 years minimum. The vinyl material is durable, yet will last on the vehicle for years to come. The stripes are created in 57" - 60" sections which each fit a section of the vehicle (hood, roof, trunk). Each set of racing stripes is made to the customer's specifications. We do not suggest any particular size stripe kit for a specific car. We also reccommend that stripes are not installed on fresh paint. We suggest waiting up to 45 days prior to installing decals on new paint.
• How do I measure my car for stripes?

We suggest looking at other vehicles on the website to judge spacing and sizing. A measuring tape can be held to the vehicle and sizes and scale can be estimated from that.

The insure proper length stripes, measure the total length needed. This is accomplished by measuring the hood, roof, and trunk (allowing a minumim of 24" extra for bumpers). This total (between 110" and 190") is the length needed. Next, using a tape measure, estimate the width you would prefer for your vehicle (between one 6" stripe and two 10" stripes) as outlined on the racing stripes page..

• Can I see stripes on my vehicle before I purchase?
We do not offer pre purchase racing stripe imaging. We suggest taking pieces of paper and laying them on the vehicle to help visualize where the stripes should be placed. Also check out the CUSTOMER FEEDBACK section to see other cars with racing stripes
• How do I install the racing stripes?

Simply follow the included set of instructions. Make sure the surface of the vehicle is clean and free of waxes or debris.

While all of our products are easy to install, we stongly recommend that first time vinyl graphic installers seek professional help prior and during installation of racing stripes, especially the wider kits (double 9" and double 10").

• How do I remove the few air bubbles after installation?
Once you apply your new decal(s), you might find that you have small air bubbles between the deca and the vehicle surface. Most smaller bubbles will disappear within a few weeks, larger bubbles can be removed by using a pin or sharp razor blade. Simply put a small slit in the bubble, then work out the air with your finger or complimentary squeegee.
• Can I install decals on a freshly painted vehicle?
We recommend waiting a minimum of 45 days after a vehicle is painted prior to installing any graphics on the painted surfaces. The paint must cure or it could leave a permanent mark on the surface if not properly cured.
• Can I wash or wax my car after installing decals?
Yes, if following the dry application instructions, you can wax over the decals, or wash the vehicle with soap and water.
• How can I keep my new decals looking good?
Keeping the decals looking good is simple. Wash them with the car, do not use any harsh chemicals or solvents on them. Wax over the decals when possible, and if installing a decal on a vehicle window, be careful when using an ice scraper in the winter!
• How do I remove the decals?
Vinyl graphics and decals can be easily removed. Simply heat the decal with a heat gun, hairdryer. Then using your fingernail, lift the edge of the decal and work across the surface of the decal. Overheating the decal will result in more difficult removal, as will not enough heat. Once the vinyl is removed, use PREPSOL or thinners to remove any glue residue.
• Will your vinyl material damage glass or painted surfaces?

Vinyl graphics or lettering will not permanently damage painted surfaces or windows.

The decal actually protects the finish of the vehicle's paint or glass surface. If stripes or decals are left on the vehicle for long periods of time (more than 5 years outdoor exposure), the paint on the vehicle will fade slightly, while the paint under the decal does not. This will cause a shadow effect once the decal is removed. Avoid this by maintaining the paint on your vehicle with wax!


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